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someday we'll meet beyond the stars

i'm a modern girl but i fold in half so easily

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Birthdate:Sep 10
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
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The knitting blog is here: Poodle Days and Starry Knits.

'Beneath the belt is a line of fainter stars, and of these stars theta isn't really a star at all.
It's actually the brightest part of Orion nebula. So this great pink star in the sword of Orion turns out to be something... far more complicated and interesting.' --Jeremy, Sports Night, written by Aaron Sorkin

What others say about orionnebula:

You are the Queen of Reproductive Parts. Or, as you're affectionately known, the Queen of Bits and Bobs. -- anglaisepaon

orionnebula shines more than the brightest star in the night sky. -- ainsley

You are still the wind beneath my knitting needles. -- anglaisepaon

orionnebula is delightful fun to have around when one is supposed to be paying attention to silly Powerpoints. She is clever, witty and is possessed of excellent hand-eye coordination, of which I have not a jot.

Also, her taste in books and TV shows is impeccable (except for Grey's Anatomy, that's a little janky).
-- archiveninja

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