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Breaking my no-LJ at work rule as I am the only adult (ha) in the office this afternoon and I am long out of stuff to do and have had way too much time to think. Anyone got some anonymous comments for me to enjoy?


Feb. 18th, 2010 09:44 am
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My efforts at anonymous comment posts or general conversation threads are generally failures, but I am literally falling asleep at my table this morning, so I will try once again.

How are you? What are you wearing? What's on your mind? Are you loving the Olympics? Are you ready to scream at someone? Do you have a secret you're dying to share?
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Today is going to be the longest day ever. It's the first day back at work after a long weekend, all of my co-workers down here are out on vacation, I am not a fan of the current part of my collection that I am working on, and my knee still hurts from slipping and falling on my way home from knitting on Sunday.

Please send chocolate, amusement, gossip, and other distractions. Anonymous commenting is on.

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So, who else besides me and [livejournal.com profile] cellador and [livejournal.com profile] lsugaralmond and [livejournal.com profile] anglaisepaon is stuck at work today? It's going to be a long endless day.

Want to keep each other amused? Anonymous commenting is on. Ask questions, tell me things, yell about something, whatever, it's all fair game.
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1. The Phillies won the first game of the World Series last night!

2. We think we know what's wrong with Henry. He's testing positive for some strain of leptospirosis. It affects the liver, but if it's caught early (which it was) it is usually treatable with antibiotics. So he's continuing on the meds he's been on, and they'll test him again next month to see how he's doing.

3. It is cold and utterly silent down here today as I'm the only one here. I'd rather be home knitting and watching Mad Men. Anyone want to entertain me? Anonymous commenting is on, or you can put something in this little poll.

[Poll #1283844]

come play!

Aug. 21st, 2008 09:50 am
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I feel like I've spent more time this week as a therapist than as a librarian. I mean, I have no problem being there for my friends, and I want to help them out and to I want them to feel they can come to me, but why am I, of all people, the one they come to talk about their relationships?

Anyway, I could use some distraction of any kind--the good, the bad, the funny, the scandalous, the inconsequential, the dirty--bring it on! Anonymous posting is on. Talk away, people.
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Seriously, people, I am getting nothing done today! It is all "type an item, go look at email, type an item, go look at LJ, putter about on the internets" and so on. But there is not enough updating going on to match said puttering!

So, please contribute to my apparent procrastination effort. Anonymous commenting is on, if you'd like to contribute that way. Something funny, interesting, scary, thoughtful, dirty, nice--all will be welcome!
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I am a right moody cow today, due to a lot of things including: hormones; the fact that the only boys who ever talk to me are all freaks; wanting to stop fantasizing about people I can't have because I know I can't have them and that makes me feel worse; and social dynamics. Yeah.

So, anyway, let's try for some distraction. This post is open for anonymous commenting! Tell me something, ask me something! Ask for a top five list, even, since I totally missed that meme going around.
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So, it's Friday, and I doubt anyone is around here, as you're either off boycotting or gallivanting for your long weekend. But I am here, and if anyone wants to keep me company, I've opened up this entry for anonymous and non-anonymous commenting, as the spirit may move you. What are you up? Got anything planned? Fantasizing about something? Want to gripe about something?
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I have very little to do today, and I will soon be all alone down here again. Anyone have something to share? Something funny? Something racy? Something sweet? Something ranty? All comments are welcome.
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I am at work, and my boss is out sick. I just talked to her on the phone and essentially established that I have maybe an hour's worth of work to do without her here. I'm here until 3. Oy. Please amuse me. Anonymous commenting is on, I'd love to hear from you. Anecdotes, gossip, scandalous or not scandalous secrets, all welcome.


Nov. 13th, 2007 12:16 pm
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I got nothing today. I am bored and boring. Please tell me something. Anything. I'll take anonymous or not anonymous thoughts, jokes, stories, anything you feel like talking about. Please?
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The construction upstairs is apparently going to last through the beginning of September. I am only working here through the beginning of August. So I am going to spend the next month and a half fighting a constant headache. The drilling is particularly lovely today.

I need distraction! And amusement! Leave me anonymous comments! Give me topics to write about! Ask questions! Tell me stories! Tell me secrets!

Pretty please?
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The construction workers outside are being particularly obnoxious and loud, and the majority of my day will most likely be spent doing laundry and cleaning. Very exciting.

So, to add a little spice to the day, I hereby declare it Anonymous Commenting day in this journal. Questions, comments, secrets, crushes, haikus--all are welcome!

C'mon, people, make me proud.
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Paper writing continues; I've just begun page seven. But I could use more distraction, in between paragraphs and running to get pieces of mustard-flavored pumpkin pie. So, since [livejournal.com profile] glitterboy1 and everyone else on the internet has declared it so, I'm opening up my comments for anonymous posting. Leave me some interesting gossip, or news, or just a statement you feel like making. Anything is welcome.
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